Tourism Development of Kivu Belt

Tourism Development of Kivu Belt – Kivu Belt, Rwanda

Key Service: Transaction Advisory
Location: Kivu Belt, Rwanda
Product: Tourism Development

Transaction Advisory Services for the Development of Kivu Belt and Tourism (Twin Lake, Heritage Corridor, Adventure and Kigali Cultural Village) Investment Projects by attracting investors to construct high end Resorts and Hotels.

Client: Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

Year: July 2017- Ongoing

Project Overview:

  • Rwanda Tourism is on a positive growth path, however outside Kigali supply with hotels on an international 4*/5* level is still very weak.
  • In previous studies numerous investment opportunities along the Lake Kivu, in the Southern province and at the Lakes Burera and Ruhondo had been identified as promising investment opportunities for investors as well as important new products necessary for a broader portfolio of offers and future growth of tourism
  • The consultants will aim to promote investment opportunities of a total volume of > 300 Mio US$

Scope of Work:

  • Feasibility studies and development of Investor Memoranda to attract international investors
  • Presentation of Investment opportunities at major international Investor Conferences
  • Development of Investment Packages and development of a marketing and communication strategy
  • Capacity Building and Training for RDB departments (product development and Investment promotion department)
  • Follow up on investors´ contacts, Site visits
  • Preparation of Land Purchase, Lease agreements and PPP agreements with investors
  • Negotiation until successful signing of agreements