Assessment and Review of Feasibility of “EPIC” Hotel

Assessment and Review of Feasibility of “EPIC” Hotel – Nyagatare, Rwanda

Key Service: Planning and Development
Location: Nyagatare, Rwanda
Product: Business Recovery

Scope of Work:

EPIC Hotel development was initiated by the Eastern Province, District Government and private investors aiming to establish a hotel in order to boost tourism and create tourism revenues and jobs. The intention of EPIC to participate from this growth by investing in a hotel is fully understandable. The EPIC Hotel to become an iconic landmark in the Eastern Province.

Description of Project:

  • Review of existing documents such as Business Plans, Budgets and Architectural Plans
  • Determine local market conditions and site potential
  • Verify proposed hotel development versus market expectations and existing developments, assessing all risks and variables
  • Advise on construction investment costs
  • Assessment of actual hotel construction with support of ‘hotel development experts’ from within the Horwath HTL network and an independent professional company specialized in real estate project (cost) management
  • Advise on alternative usage of land and property; recommendation on final development and usage of existing land and property
  • Recommendations on products and services
  • Evaluate attractiveness of property for international hotel operators
  • Calculation of expected profit (EBITA) based on our market knowledge and similar hotel projects executed in Rwanda

Project status: