Strategic Options for Revenue Generation

Strategic Options for Revenue Generation – Kigali, Rwanda

Key Service: Tourism and Leisure
Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Product: Tourism

Strategic Options for Revenue Generation by Emergency Medical Evacuation Services (EMES) as required by the Tourism Law

Scope of Work:

Rwandan government is constantly striving to develop sustainable tourism on a high level and is therefore a pacemaker in regulation within Africa. Pursuant to the law no. 12 /2014 of 19/05/2014 regulating the tourism industry in Rwanda in its Article 5, 9, in its Chapter 2, Art.4 (D), Tour operators´ requirements are strictly highlighted. They are required – inter alia – to have:
Valid subscription to an emergency evacuation scheme involving, among others helicopter rescue and evacuation

  • Akagera Aviation is provider of Emergency medical evacuation by helicopter. The task for the consultant was “ to come up with practical options on how to operationalize the EMES revenue collection process, and then recommend the best and most appropriate, relevant and suitable among the options identified, based on cost-effectiveness, prioritization, implementation speed, convenience to stakeholders, time frame”.

Project description:

Carefully research existing legal/regulatory frameworks on how EMES revenue is collected in other countries;
Find a model appropriate to the country’s needs and aspirations and discuss and agree on a model incorporating the key stakeholders RDB as licensing authority and RTTA Rwanda Tour and Travel Association.

Horwath HTL Solution and Implementation:

Horwath HTL developed and adapt this legal framework to existing realities in Rwanda so that it can be shared with all the concerned tourism industry stakeholder.

Project Status:

Start date – October 2016; Completion date – November 2016