Adventure Tourism Master Plan

Adventure Tourism Master Plan – Kigali, Rwanda

Key Service: Tourism and Leisure
Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Product: Tourism

Scope of Work:

Sustainable development, promotion and investment in Adventure Tourism in order to increase and expand this Tourism sector in Rwanda and contribute to increase tourism revenues and job creation.

Description of Project:

Horwath HTL provided 200 man days providing the following services:

  • Written inputs to the scoping report, diagnostic reports, inventory report
  • Interviews and field visits
  • Audit Report on Tourism Products on offer and new potential products
  • Inventory Report on existing conditions, tour. Establishments, infrastructure and service facilities
  • Cost benefit analysis of changing the current land use
  • Environmental Analysis Report
  • Assessment of existing infrastructure and proposed measures of improvement
  • Strategic Plan for product development
  • Recommendation and monitoring for sustainable tourism planning and Communication strategy

Project Status:

Project Completed October 2015