Tourism Business Development

Tourism Business Development – Malawi

Key Service: Planning and Development
Location: Malawi
Product: Business Development

Capacity Building for Business Development of Tourism MSMEs in Malawi with support from the African Development Bank

Client: African Development Bank

Year: April 2019-October 2020

Project Overview:

The objectives of the Consultancy are to conduct a scoping/baseline survey on tourism MSMEs in Malawi, undertake training needs assessment for the MSMEs, develop training programs and supporting manuals and deploy the business development trainings targeting tourism MSMEs

Scope of Work:

  • The baseline survey should include review of existing reports, studies, strategic plans and documents, policy and regulatory framework for Tourism MSMEs in Malawi;
  • Based on the findings of the survey, develop a framework for strengthening Tourism MSMEs operations and performance at the market and sector level;
  • Based on the findings of the baseline survey, identify and analyse key tourism value chains, market and business opportunities for MSMEs;
  • Develop a Training needs assessment report;
  • Develop/adapt, translate training materials in cooperation with local training institutes to be selected based on their comparative advantage and ability to continue the trainings on a sustainable basis after project completion;
  • Develop training methodology specifying the relevant training methods to be used, e.g. (but not limited to) group work, cases, presentations, trainer instructions, adaptation of training manuals, handouts for participants and a training curriculum;
  • Review financing modes for MSMEs in the tourism sector and develop a framework for identifying MSMEs for financial and capacity building support;
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation procedures, and accountability systems for MSMEs on the project’s business health checks, incubator and financing programme;
  • Develop criteria and guidelines, including credit risk assessment, and model for selecting MSMEs for funding;
  • Deployment of various trainings on MSMEs development which includes development of investment proposal and bankable projects;
  • Develop a Tourism MSMEs Sustainable Business Development strategy and plan;
  • Facilitate training of Trainers in Tourism Business Management;
  • Provide technical support for the establishment of an MSME business incubator and career guidance centre.