Feasibility Study and Development of Tourism Development and Operation Plans for the Twin Lakes Tourism Destination for RDB – Kigali, Rwanda

Office: Horwath HTL Rwanda

Scope of Work: Develop a comprehensive and integrated tourism development plan of Twin Lakes region in Volcanoes National Park DMA
Design a tourism plan that reflects the importance of the destination development in terms of the local community jobs creation and employment.

Description of Project: Horwath HTL develop an integrated and comprehensive development plan of the Twin Lakes taking in consideration the whole opportunities of being in the Volcanoes National Park DMA.
Identify the Unique Selling Point of the region and develop a comprehensive action plan for activities that would boost the potential of the region as a tourism attraction.
Define investment opportunities with their project profile, as well as win-win income generating opportunities for communities around Twin lakes and Rugezi Swamp for poverty reduction.

Project Status: Project Status: Start date – September 2013; Completion date – November 2014