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Horwath HTL Business Recovery

Business Recovery Service

Expert help getting back on track

Drawing on our experience of previous global economic downturns, we have developed a range of products to help you through difficult times. Our relationship with Crowe Horwath International, one of the world’s largest financial service organisations, allows us to offer more than simple asset management or operational support.

Initial Report on Current Trading Position

These services, which focus on recovery and turnaround start with an initial report on current trading and position that includes benchmarking against local market conditions and industry standards.

  • Analysis of the P&L
  • Analysis of the debt position
  • CAPEX requirements
  • Review of the operational requirements including sales and marketing

Management Advice and Support

The second phase concentrates on taking the results of the operational analysis results and creating practical advice and support for the management team. This includes:

  • Short and medium term planning
  • Sales, marketing and revenue management support
  • Asset management and operational support

Financial Situation Support

Our relationship with Crowe Horwath Internationals accounting and financial service team puts us in a good position to help you with your financials, including accounting support, debt position analysis and advice, negotiating support with banks and suppliers, transactional support and corporate finance.

Success Stories

  • Epic Hotel
    Business Recovery, Planning & Development

    Assessment and Review of Feasibility of “EPIC” Hotel – Nyagatare, Rwanda

    Office: Horwath HTL Rwanda

    Overview: EPIC Hotel development was initiated by the Eastern Province, District Government and private investors aiming to establish a hotel in order to boost tourism and create tourism revenues and jobs. The intention of EPIC to participate from this growth by investing in a hotel is fully understandable. The EPIC Hotel to become an iconic landmark in the Eastern Province.

    Project Status: Completed

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    Kivu Marina Bay1
    Business Recovery, Planning & Development, Transactional Advice

    Operator search for Kivu Marina Bay 5-Star Hotel – Rusizi, Rwanda

    Office: Horwath HTL Rwanda

    Overview: The KIVU MARINA BAY hotel project is a 76 room modern 4-star hotel project in the Southern part of Rwanda that is promoted and implemented by KIVU MARINA BAY Limited. The project is being erected on a plot size of 10 Hectares that is strategically placed near the airport and connecting to the shores of Lake Kivu.

    Project status: Completed

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